Wednesday, May 29

Quinn Marie Yates is born

what a whirlwind few days it's been! I have a quiet moment, so I had to take it to document while my memory is still fresh. I have to say that having this new little girl come into our family has been so heavenly. she is so special and so tender and soft. i can feel her special spirit and it makes me want to be better. she is an angel. 

Here I am the morning of her birth, nice and huge. At the hospital waiting for our room. My Dr. finally induced me on May 24th -- four days past my due date. We dropped June off at my mom's house and went over to the hospital around 7:30 am. It was a nice, calm morning.

All situated and in bed to begin the waiting game! They started me on pitocin around 8:45 am. At this point I was only dilated 1-2 cm and 60% effaced. This girly was content to just stay put! She hadn't even dropped yet. My Dr. came in and checked on me and broke my water around 10 am. Once that happened, my contractions started to get more painful. They were 3 minutes apart. I couldn't decide when I wanted my epidural and felt like I had to endure some pain awhile before  I asked for it. I had no idea why. But once I started to feel like I wouldn't be able to sit still for the epidural, I had it ordered. At 11:50 the anesthesiologist came and set it all up. I am a nervous wreck about needles. Even though I love medication and being numb and I LOVE epidurals, I was still a mess. I remember them not being as painful as I imagined, but that didn't stop my nerves or my tears. And once again, once it was all done, I felt again that it wasn't that bad! And the pain from contractions being gone is beyond amazing. I felt so warm and painfree and comfortable and sleepy. The rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping, watching tv, and hanging out. I'm so glad I had one done again. Best thing ever.

At 3 pm I was only dilated 5 cm. My Dr. seemed a little surprised by my lack of progress. I was discouraged. But then at 4:45 pm I was 8 cm. Then the last check came at 6:14. I was finally a 10. YAY! Baby had dropped, my cervix was all set, and I was ready to push! It all happened so fast from there. Nurses and everyone getting all ready. Me trying to mentally savor every moment. And Josh getting his cameras ready :) I got really nauseous right before we were all ready to push. I was so embarrassed and taken off guard. I thought it was passing and then boom, all of a sudden, I was throwing up. Yuck. It was not my greatest moment. The nurses of course said it was completely normal. They were such angels to me. As was Josh, totally comforting and there for me. But then it all passed and by 6:30 pm I was pushing full steam ahead! This time pushing was completely different from when I had June. With June, my epidural had worn off and I was dying. I thought I was going to push out my brain. And it lasted a whole hour. It was really hard. This time around, I couldn't feel a thing! My legs were jello and paralyzed, I could hardly tell each push if I was even pushing, and I only pushed maybe around 5 times. And then all of a sudden, there she was! Popped right out! It was so fast. 

She was born at exactly 6:48 pm on May 24th 2013. She weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces. And was 21 inches long. I was surprised she was smaller than June was. I thought for sure this baby was going to be a 9 pounder. She was tall and skinny like her sister! And she was immediately known to be special. I could feel her right away how tender and soft she was. She's heavenly <3 p="">

no words can describe this moment. i was so badly looking forward to holding her for the first time on my chest, skin to skin. i couldn't wait. and it was perfect. she was screaming so hard, but once they laid her on me, she was instantly quiet and calm. so precious. 
most surreal moment. a family of 4! i cannot believe how blessed we are. i was in heaven.

I nursed her for the first time around 7:30 pm. And she did great. This was something else I was really looking forward to doing. I love nursing and couldn't wait to bond with her in this special way. She latched on and we were up and away. Once that happened so smoothly, I felt a lot of relief that we were really going to be able to handle this whole 2 children thing. We had a great hour of time to spend alone with just me and josh and baby. And shortly after, family started coming in. I couldn't wait to see June. She had a special Big Sister shirt to wear to meet her new little sissy.

June was very distracted by everything the hospital room had to offer in it. She was also distracted by so much family around. She was hyper and excited. But she did enjoy seeing baby and was interested in seeing her toes and face and little fingers. She is very into doctor stuff right now, so she loved grabbing the stethoscope and checking everyone's heartbeat. So cute.

We spent the rest of the weekend in the hospital, recovering and relaxing. I actually really enjoy being there. The nurses are always so amazing and helpful. I just love being cared for by so many great people and always having questions answered and having room service always there for meals and people around to make things a smooth transition. Josh was able to stay with me the entire time too and that was awesome. June was with my mom and sisters having a blast so we felt great about having her somewhere fun. I felt pretty crazy on Friday night but noticed a lot of improvement come Saturday and Sunday. Overall I have healed much quicker this time around. I'm surprised by some of the things I can do already whereas with June I was still just working on walking! ha ha. I've been very grateful for that. Sunday morning we relaxed and slept a little longer and were out by the afternoon. I always feel very bittersweet about leaving. It's nice to get out and finally get on with life, but I usually feel scared about leaving too. I like being cared for by the nurses and resting in the safe hospital as long as I can. But it was a good time to leave. I was so thankful to have a wonderful hospital experience.

QUINN MARIE YATES -- special name for a special girl
ready to leave now! Quinn was crying here, but what the picture doesn't depict is how soft and gentle her cries are. I love them. She is so special already.
June quickly decided that this car seat was for her again. She climbed in with her blankie and pretended to be asleep. she was fake snoring in this picture, ha ha. oh boy!
meeting baby quinn again. I love how she is looking at josh. Love it! She is very interested in holding her sister and kissing her when she cries. She loves to hug her sister too.

quinn and her great grandma
So far we are doing great. I am recovering much quicker this time. Feeling much more control of my emotions this time -- though I have had one meltdown so far. I have some great meds (love you percocet) on hand to take and I do take! Love my meds. And I was much more prepared this time around for the sleepless nights and chaos that would come. I think things are much smoother this time around. But that's just from my memory. Quinn always seems to be extra hungry at night, but I just nurse her in my bed and she falls back asleep on my chest. That's kinda how things are working for now, but I know eventually we need to get her sleeping in her own bed. But for now, it's working and helping me get more sleep than I was with June. During the day, Josh and I trade off napping and playing with the girls. He was lucky enough to get the whole week off and I am loving it. Feeling so cared for and blessed. It's so fun to be all together the 4 of us. I love multitasking all day between these two girlies and keeping so busy in the care of these angels. It's not easy, but with Josh around, it's a million percent more doable. I know we will surely have more crazy times ahead, but for now I am feeling really happy with how things are going. I'm scared for my first day alone with these two and I can already feel that I'll be homesick once Josh heads back to work again... but thats several days away still and I want to enjoy where we are at now. 

Okay, I'm rambling. But this like my journal entry for this whole event and I want to remember as much as possible. This is more for me so don't feel obligated to finish this. Loves to all!

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