Friday, March 1

June's 2nd Birthday

I know every parent says they can't believe how fast their kids are growing, so let me get that out of the way. I could NOT believe we were celebrating our daughter's 2nd birthday! We held her party at the same local park as her first birthday and it was crazy to think about time flying and kids aging, etc. It was a beautiful sunny day that day...just freezing out. We had our close friends and family join us at the park for lunch, cake, presents, and lots of birthday fun. We were so happy everyone came and really thankful to have so much love for our child. I love party throwing and planning, so naturally, I had a whole set up. I had a few theme ideas in mind based on what June likes, and balloons won. She is obsessed with them. So a balloon party it was! Which naturally became all about rainbow colors. It was very bright and colorful and happy. I loved it. I'm totally the mom that looks forward to birthdays and planning and making it amazing, ha ha. It was a special, fun day for our special girl! We sure love her! Can't believe she is 2!

I layed out butcher paper and crayons on the tables for the kids to color all over it. They also had plenty of rainbow candy choices to munch on. It was a sugar high day.
june and her gal pal Cora
table complete with lemonade, ballon themed party favors, birthday cake, rainbow fruit skewers, rainbow jello, pigs in a blanket, and veggies. we also grilled hot dogs for the adults.
inside was an airhead, rainbow dot candies, and a big latex punch balloon
rainbow colored paperware was a must
it was so windy we coulnd't even lit the birthday candles! bummer! june had many other chances to blow out candles though, so she didn't care.
rainbow colors on the outside....
AND on the inside! surprise! I was most excited about this cake. Totally worth it.

me and my beautiful cousin Robyn who brought a delicious sauce for our grilled hot dogs. 

Thanks again to all that came and helped and loved! June is one lucky lady.

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robyn said...

that party was so stinking cute, and your cake was divine, and i look ginormous in that pic. oy. i love you tons. i never sent you the pics i took of this party. insert open-mouthed regret face emoji.