Thursday, January 17


So Christmas! Hope everyone's was great! This year we were set to go visit the Yates for Christmas and that met 10 days away for Christmas and New Years in the great state of Montana! So in order to still get some Christmas fun in with my family, we held a little "pre-christmas" party. We had a huge feast with catered ribs from tulsa ribs (amaze balls) and then we opened presents. Not everyone. But we brought presents over for my my and sibs so we could see them open what we got them, and my mom let us open what she got for me, josh, and june. It was super fun. And helped us travel with much less gifts than needed. Flying for Christmas is tough! Anyways, we loved that Grandma got to see June open her gifts and that way she didn't have too much overload Christmas Day -- instead the gifts were spread out. It was a lovely fun pre-christmas evening!

the kids and the table spread complete with festive christmas plates
june loved her gifts -- reading her new santa book

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