Tuesday, November 13

Little Bro's Wedding

I took quite the break from my blog! It was nice. But now I am back. So much to catch up on! Hopefully I can keep up. Back track to September 29th...my little brother Alex married his fiance Riely Meisenbach in the Newport Beach temple. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding!

my mom and her parents and sibs -- the baron clan
the cowdells
cousin ben and june
more cowdells!
me with my mom and sisters

Reception Time! Was held at the bride's home. It was decorated beautifully and was a really fun time. Here is the entrance to their home.

Dinner was catered by IN-N-OUT! Everyone, especially the groom's favorite. All you had to do was place your order and they brought it to you at the dinner tables. So awesome. Josh ate 3 burgers. 
No cake at this wedding! Instead a large cookie bar. All sorts of flavors and all yummy. Riely is a big cookie fan.
the yard was decorated with all sorts of wreaths, burlap, hearts, jars, and flowers. 
Family weddings are a big thing...the day was too exhausting for June to last through. She spent half the reception asleep. But woke up for dancing and the send off.
First dance <3 td="td">
Riely and her dad started off with a slow dance and then broke into this awesome dance straight from the movie Hitch. It was hilarious.
they also had a cool photo booth and cool costume props for everyone to participate in. 
and they're off!! they spent a week in the bahamas!

Congrats you two! It was a fabulous day! <3 p="p">

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Angela and Enrique said...

1What a super cute wedding! I love the bridesmaid dresses.