Friday, November 30

Las Vegas Ragnar 2012

November 9th-10th a team of 12 peeps from the Cowdell family ran the Ragnar relay in Vegas! We had so much fun. For those who haven't heard of it, it's a 191 mile long relay that you divide up amongst your team members. Teams of 12 or 6 are allowed. Our team was divided into 2 vans and the miles are all divided up into legs, each runner running 3 times. Van 1 (holding runners 1-6 : Me, Joshie, my sis Brenna, my dad, and my cousins Robyn and John) started at the top of Mt. Charleston at 7 AM and you run round the clock until you finish at lake Las Vegas. We finished Saturday afternoon at 3 PM giving us a total race time of 31 hours, averaging around a 9:40 pace. 

It was an insane weekend but so. much. fun. I think we all want to do another one. We battled no sleep, crazzzzyyy weather conditions, hills, and frigid cold, wind, and sore bodies but it was worth it. Such a blast.

Here is Van 1 at Mt Charleston in the wee hours of the morning. It was windy beyond belief. Cold beyond belief. We hadn't slept. But we were pumped and ready to start the race! This was just before we headed to the starting line. John was our first runner. Go team!
It was snowing. I was in sandals. Misery!
Our van. Awesome looking huh? ha ha. Our team name was We R Family. But somehow our mascot became this neon lion and so thus our car is a lion. We had team t-shirts to go with it too. It was awesome. Except half way through the morning, we ditched the frayed tape because it was obnoxiously loud and banging on the windows to the point of suicide. Sad day.
Brenna and Josh posing with the car. At least our taped names got to stay on for the whole weekend. Most teams rent a 12 passenger van to hold all the runners, their gear, food, etc. We were so glad we did. Plenty of space to spread out.
Go John! His entire first leg was downhill, in the cold wind and snow. He was a trooper! Vans pretty much stick by their runner, handing them water or anything along the way. And cheering of course. You drive ahead about a mile or two and wait, let them pass, and then repeat. 
John passing the baton off to Robyn! Our runner #2. Go Bobm! Love the spousal sparkly skirts guys. 
At one of the exchanges. It was gorgeous out. But still freezing.
At the exchange waiting for Robyn to come through. She passed off to my dad. These guys were still running in straight downhill their whole run.
Dad ready to roll!
Joshie, runner #4, ready to go!
Dad passing the baton off to Josh.
Josh had a real hard run too. It was flat, but it was straight on into a head wind that was really pushin all the runners back and slowing everyone down. Tough stuff!
Brenna, runner #5, ready to roll!
Josh handing off to Brenna.
And, meee! Waiting for Brenna to come in.
the exchange. Last one for our van. Once I finished, I passed off to Van 2, and they start running through their legs while we as van 1 go shower, rest, eat...whatever their is time for. And there isn't much time.
Handing off to Zach. Woo! This begins Van 2.
Part of the team group shot! GO us!
the finish line -- as our last runner came through to finish us off, we all crossed as a team. so fun!
team shirt (front)
team shirt (back) everyone had different color shirts
Yay to be done! Josh has the medal on that they give all runners. Pretty cool. This was Josh's 4th Ragnar.
The whole team! So proud! Everyone did so well and worked so hard. It was such fun to do this together and say we finished. Woo-hoo! Great job Team.

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