Friday, November 7

festive october/halloween fun

Misc. October happenings in our family :

June's 1st time on Splash Mountain; with her best friend rylee.
ignore me. look at the girls! too good!
it's rare we get a date night at disneyland, but we did this night and it was so fun to go on big rides for a change!
after church. Quinn's 1st time going to nursery. She loved it.
first ride in her new forward facing car seat. We are all thrilled!

Pictures of our afternoon visit to our favorite pumpkin patch in Laguna Hills.
group hug!
my kids were tired and ready to go was i, but i still made them take a picture with me.

Decorating pumpkins!

June got to have a special sleep over at my mom's house one Friday night. They need one on one time to bond together and spend quality time. June is a lucky girl. They got pizza, decorated halloween sugar cookies and got June's favorite snacks. The next morning we went to pick her up and went all together to the Irvine Park pumpkin patch with my mom. Girls loved it!

I made a fun Halloween craft with the girls this year. From Pinterest : Glitter Slime Monsters. They were fun but messy!
Spider day at June's preschool! 
Quinn always has to join the fun too.
pumpkins with grandpa!
dress up time with friends!
Halloween party at Cal Elite.

I did the Color Run in Pomona with some friends from our ward. We had so much fun! 

Ward Trunk or Treat. Josh was in charge of the photo backdrop here.

We abandoned all productivity for a Disney day. Weather was amazing. Zero crowds/lines. It was seriously perfection that day.
we went to meet mickey and minnie this day which is rarely something we do. June was in the back corner crying her eyes out for this picture. quinn, however was in total heaven and LOVED mickey! it was so precious to see.
then we went to see minnie and june decided to be happy and join us.
love this!
like i said, this day was perfection...right as we were taking this picture, josh shows up and found us JUST in time to jump in the picture. crazy cool.
life is good.