Monday, April 14

Quinn at 10 Months

In March Miss Quinn turned 10 months. She :

went to bed without nursing for the 1st time! huge deal!

Scoots across the room with this crazy form; still hates her belly so she won't crawl normal

claps so cute

sugar obsessed!

the best smiler

super clingy to mom; won't always go to dada.

went on 1st campout with our fam

loves the swings at the park

sleeps so much better now at night; i stopped nursing her at night and she's doing a lot better now

loves the beach and the sand; we call her the sand monster

loves playing with grandma!

Sunday, April 13

Quinn at 9 Months (from FEB)

At NINE Months Quinn  is :

16 pounds (10th%) and 27 1/4 inches (50th%)

has low iron like her sister

stands up in her crib

such a momma's girl! love it.

holds up her own sippy cup

loves prune juice (out of necessity)

Starting to wean off nursing a bit

loves storytime at night

Loves her aunt jordan

learned to clap

starting joining in on our babysitting group exchange; we leave her now and she does great!

dances and bobs a lot

always smiley

hates tummy time / won't crawl!

Friday, April 11

Quinn at 8 Months (back when she was)

We are sure blessed to have this sweet girl in our home! Quinn is such a sweetie and such a happy girl. She makes life easier for her momma!

At EIGHT Months she is : 

15 pounds and 27 inches long 

went on her first bike ride with us in a baby seat

got her first pedicure with momma + grandma

bottom right tooth is breaking in

LOVES bananas

Nurses plenty but also loves solids

naps 2x a day like a champ

Had croup and an ear infection...sad week.

still not sleeping great at night

loves her sister to death

goes swimming with us and loves to splash in the water and giggle

lets her sister dress her up and plays princesses and tea parties with her, so cute!

Tuesday, January 28

Princess June is Three

Holy Cow, a three year old! What a fun year for a party! Originally I was thinking of other fun themes for her party this year, but after Christmas and after all the princess stuff June got, it was the clear perfect theme for this year.

I designed her princessy invites and then June got all dolled up in her princess dress and shoes and crown. We rolled the invites up like scrolls and went to her 4 friends homes to deliver their royal scrolls. It was too much fun! 

For her party, we asked all the girls to show up in their princess gowns and shoes. They were adorable! It was the girliest party ever, haha. My mom came to help too and we loved having her. We made our own crowns, our own wands, had lunch (fruit wands, and heart sandwiches) and fairy-fetti cake, opened presents, danced to princess music, and took pictures in their royal getup. 

fruit wands
making their princess crowns
princess elyse
princess maggie
princess kenzie
the wands they made
june's face when we sang her happy birthday totally melted me; so tender
ripping through the presents, ha ha

I loved June's smile the whole time. It's so fun making things special for your kid. Happy 3rd to my crazy sassy spunky Junebug! Thanks to all her princess friends for coming!

Wednesday, January 22

Quinn at 7 months

Sweet Quinn! 7 months has just flown by! I really really wish I could freeze her at this age. She is just so yummy and tender and we just love her to bits. She just totally loves June. They are buds and I love them together. I am very lucky :)

Bath buds

loves to eat anything we will give her! pb&j, turkey, grapes, cheerios

loves to play with our toothbrushes! hah pesty

celebrated her first christmas

sleeps on and off again all through the night; still working on cutting out nighttime feedings

loves to sit in her high chair and play/eat

always wants mom over everyone else

hates onesie jammies where her feet are trapped; she wants her feet free

says da-da

LOVES puppies-- watches them so closely and tried to reach out to them

wearing size 3-6 months

Quinn started joining in on reading time before bed. I love these pics of her in there. She really loved holding a book and playing around with it. So cute.

hi mom
love that face!

We are lucky to have you Miss Quinn!

Sunday, January 19

Christmas 2013

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here are some fun pics of was a great year! We are very blessed and grateful for family and loved ones to celebrate with.

My girls in their Christmas outfits

Decorating Christmas cookies with my fam. Aunt Brenna and her hubby Michael were in 
town and we loved it! 

we all made a christmas tree cookie and entered them into a contest, ha ha, judged by our friend Kyle. These were the top 3 winners for most creative tree. 

Christmas Eve we went to my grandma jackie's house for our traditional dinner of soup and cinnamon rolls, our christmas family program and new jammies. It's always a lovely evening :)


We went home that night and Josh and I got the kids to bed and put our "santa's helper" hats on and got busy setting up. This was our first really really doing this and we were excited. It was fun! We got, I mean Santa got, June a balance bike and helmet, a doc mcstuffins play camera, a disney print of her name, and fun toys in her stocking. Quinn got a little play light up piano and a disney print and bath toys in her stocking.

loved it
really loved it. santa did good!
opening presents from granny and gramps in montana
granny did awesome! june is totally turned princess now after all the princess dress up stuff

Later in the day we went up for christmas with my family and dinner at my grandma's house.

quinn and her little booties that are adorable
grandma gave june a princess house! she's in love and wanted to sleep in right then and there

Grandpa got Juners some pretty bracelets and paints; she got right into them and got busy
joshie and another one of his tools; he can never have enough, ha ha. he was also the lucky receiver of a new ipad mini. way to go santa! (ahem, wife, haha). 

What fun Christmas is with kiddos! It's so fun to make it magical for them. Merry Christmas to all! Here is a great picture of my girls with Santa. June I expected this from... Quinn, my always happy little sweetie was so unsure about this it was hilarious. She never cried but she was super close.
This cracks me up.