Tuesday, July 15

Ally Graduates

They grow so fast! ha ha Proud of my sister Allyson for graduating! She is off to Utah know for college, at BYU this summer. Love you!

Friday, July 11

Yates Family in California

Just after our return from our trip to the D.R. the entire Yates family came down in California to visit. It was amazing! I don't think we all get together like that often, let alone here! They all stayed at a hotel and we spent 3 days together going non-stop. It was a tiring but awesome and fun few days. 

The first evening as all the families were getting into town we hosted a BBQ at the beach club by our house. The kids swam and we all ate and talked. It was going to be a hot weekend.

Friday we hit up Disneyland. We were there open to close and it was lots of fun. Thankfully our girls napped throughout the day. That was a lot for them to be there that long. It was super hot and crowded too but we made the best of it. 

The next day we took a big group family picture at the lake by our house. Then we all hit up the beach together. We ended the night swimming at their hotel pool.

Sunday, most people had to leave to drive home. But some lingered and we hosted a BBQ and then went to the Great Park in Irvine. We had a great time! Glad everyone could make it and we could all spend time together. Great memories!

we got lots of fast passes that day. me and leah on thunder mountain. 
leah, eva, june, elena, noah 
popsicle break!
mckell and darlene's family at the hungry bear restaurant 
i was so thankful she napped throughout the day!
ALL the grandkids in one shot! it took effort, but so worth it. i think there's 24? 
now a shot with granny and gramps in it! 
we love you disney! love this shot. 
a picture at the end of the night to document we survived. we were so super tired and sore.

Beach day! We spent the afternoon at Salt Creek Beach.

june and emily

Family Picture Session

Jared and Brie's family 
us :) clearly it was too bright for some to manage... 
McKell and Darlene's family 
Justin and Demerry's family

We didn't get a picture of Lars and Kera's family unfortunately!


Thursday, July 3


Our sweet Quinn turned ONE back on May 24th, 2013. Talk about a fast year. I am absolutely smitten by this baby and was actually a tiny bit sad that she was turning one and saying goodbye to that first year of babyhood. We had fun spoiling her that day though. Quinn is such a blessing in our lives and brings so much joy to the family. She is so easy, happy, a great eater, and smiles right through your soul. Love her so much!

We had a Very Hungry Caterpillar party to celebrate her. It was great.

one year photos

Dad got Quinners a special doughnut and juice for her birthday breakfast.
She was thrilled!

love that morning face!

Party time at the Yates home!

everyone wrote a sweet note to quinn and i made a small notebook out of them
i had some egg cartons saved and cut up so we could make caterpillars out of them using paints and things
that face
quinn loves puppies. we picked this out at target one day and she loved him.

Round Two, with Grandpa

Happy Sweet Birthday Miss Quinn!