Tuesday, April 14

San Fran

Back in February, I was able to get away from home for a weekend and spent it in San Fransisco with two of my good friends Brittney and Bree. We had such a great girls weekend. It was such a nice break for me and we had the funnest time exploring, eating, talking, and laughing the weekend away. Love these girls so much and look forward to more! San Fran is such a beautiful place. I'm in love with this city. We were on foot the whole weekend and also had to brave the rain a bunch, but we made the best of it and never once did the fun falter!

We flew in Friday morning and began our weekend of fun immediately. Here is Day 1 :

We stayed right in the wharf, so we spent some time walking around and exploring, we grabbed lunch at Boudin (a must for chowder), we walked around pier 39, we ducked into a random museum when it started pouring ran on us so we just sat and talked away a few hours haha, we visited a cool indoor street market with tons of cool things to look at/buy, we visited the bay bridge for its light show, and we ended the evening at Ghirardelli Square for some amazing chocolate desserts. We may have ended each and every evening we were in SF at Ghiradelli! Its that good.

thee best bread and chowder ever
nothing beats hot cocoa from ghiradelli after a cold rainy day

Day 2 :

Biking day! We rented bikes and decided to bike across the Golden Gate bridge and into Sausalito island. It was so amazing. Best views, great sites to see, and plenty of exercise to make room for more chowder! After the bike trip, we came back to SF to freshen up and then headed out for our next adventure to the Mission District. We took a bus and hunted down the Seeward Slides and played around on those, and then went to dinner at this vegan mexican food place that was amazeballs. We ended the day walking around and also getting more ghiradelli. of course.

lunch on sausalito island
we found a cool chocolate shop after lunch so we naturally had a grab a little treat
taking the ferry back to San Fran
vegan mexican for dinner at gracias madre
we love you SF!
Day 3 :

This day was a total downpour of rain. It was tough to figure out how to spend it and also be on time to our flights. We walked around downtown, grabbed breakfast, we walked down Lombard Street, rode a trolley, did a little souvenir shopping, and we attempted to visit the Moraga Steps but didn't have time. We explored a couple neat buildings and then made one last stop to...ghiradelli :)

sad to be going home
love these girls.
What an amazing weekend. All the girl talk and fun exploring was just what I needed! Goodbye for now San Fran, we love you.