Wednesday, August 27

Other MISC Summer Fun

We've been having such a fun and busy summer! Wish it would never end. The only real news going on here is that Josh has decided he would like to take the LSAT and possibly go to Law School. It's a big change for us. He would like to combine his construction experience with law and begin a new career there. With that, his studying schedule is very demanding and we girls have had to get out of his way and let him work. We've been doing a lot of fun things to make up for missing him. His test is at the end of September and we'll apply shortly after. We could know where we are going come January 2015. Exciting! In the mean time, here is some random new on us having a fun summer! Best time of the year. I love getting out and having fun with my girlies.

Father's Day snuggles

josh opening his presents/cards for father's day
a proper father's day dinner : surf & turf and parmesan asparagus
love these two daddies
the meat
We have been spending a lot of time at the beach as well. We tried out a new beach one evening with my mom and brother. My girls found some cute tide pools to play in. Tablerock is our new fave beach.

photo cred: alex & his gopro

Quinn has been growing more and more and becoming such a fun little girl to have in our family. Meal time is her favorite time...but not mine! Ha.

While I go for a run in the evening, Josh takes the girls fishing at the lake near our house. June asked for her own fishing pole and got a Barbie one from dada. Lucky girl.

We've also spent lots of time at our local splash pads. Always a fun time.

Kids bowl for free this summer! Gotta take advantage of that!

Of course, many days spent at the Beach Club down the street from us...

We've also got to hamster sit for our friends this summer and my girls have loved it. It's nice to have the pet for a short time but enjoy him while we had him. Ha ha. 

We've been going on dates trying out new burgers around OC, all sorts. It's been very fun and very yummy. Here is us at Umami Burger in Laguna.

post-burger walk at the beach...amazing.

Swimming with friends!

I love coming home after a long, fun day in the sun to bathe my babies, feed them dinner and then put them to bed. They go down so easily after going all day. Summer fun.
june took swim lessons this year and did great! so proud of her!
visiting the sea lions in laguna canyon
our favorite park also in laguna
princess june. she wanted this rapunzel hat and she got it for doing swim lessons.
Sunday best.
play center at Mission Mall. They look so similar here.
Aliso Beach. The crown was a must that day.
loving the daddy snuggles.
grocery store shenanigans
june and her BEST friend Rylee who lives across the street. they adore each other.
we did science experiments this summer. this was the naked egg experiment. very cool.
playing at Heritage Park in Irvine.
evenings at Shaws.
after a busy day, i carried them in asleep and laid them down...they stayed that way a long time.
Pop-In Preschool, Pirate's Day
Pirate Day goodies
we also gained 2 Elsa dolls. Hard job but we did it. They were thrilled.
Our friends from Utah came to town and we love spending time with them. June and Emma had so much fun.
my cousin Shannon's new baby Gavin
fun times at Atlantis Play Park
brownie batter sneakers
Josh's company party had a face painter...this was June's 1st time.
after being blocked out all summer, we are reunited with Disneyland. June and Rylee were ecstatic to go together!
And then one day we got an Elsa dress. Wow what a momentous event. June has been wanting one forever. They are so hard to get! I wanted to use it for Christmas...but...let's be real. How cute is this?
quinn's fave book -- cute moment
this baby has my heart.